Saved by Salvados! (Clip) | Madrid | Santiago de Chile | Brussels

Up & Coming invited “Salvados” (Saved), one the most popular primetime TV shows in Spain, to come to Galicia to film a report about fish discards and the (Fish Fight) campaign.

“Salvados” presenter and director, Jordi Évole, showed our videos to a fisherman and we organized several interviews with key speakers.

The resulting TV show –in which the caption of (Fish Fight) and its images appeared for nearly 2 minutes- was seen by almost 3 million people on 9th December 2012.

The hashtag #tirarcomida (throw away food) was a Trending Topic on the social network Twitter.

Around 3,000 people signed up to and we gained around 2,000 fans and followers for the campaign on its Facebook and Twitter accounts, also managed by Up & Coming.