Let them get to know you!

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Let them get to know you!

A good press kit –that well-packaged set of promotional materials of a person, company, a blog, or a campaign- is a MUST, according to our philosophy. It is of unbelievable value for journalists, bloggers or other influencers: the place where either off or on-line they can find the relevant data, the images at high resolution or even videos of whatever you want them to know about you or your client. And also what they need for their articles, posts or tweets… As well, it is of great value when trying to get advertisers for your site!

Here are some examples, like the creative one from this Dutch blog:vogesparis

Vice magazine material: the great ‘The world according to Vice’vicebookOther examples of creative ways to announce an action or PR stunt by this fantastic London-based agency:0_0_620_http___offlinehbpl_hbpl_co_uk_news_OKM_D05C10C3-D393-2024-4B8EB4A678BBB2B4

Or this other creative ways of packaging media kits for brands like Ben and Jerry’s or Nike:

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Here bellow you can also take a look at the press kit we worked at previously, for the Gin brand Beefeater and their relevant Spanish event ‘Beefeater London Market’, #BLMarket, with the product, the fruit and the data all media needs:felices-compras-navidenas-L-CZaFCq

Or the amazing pop-up dollhouse that is a media kit for this New York City based agency, but could be a champagne brand press kit too!



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