You can become an EU Aid Volunteer! | Madrid | Santiago de Chile | Brussels

You can become an EU Aid Volunteer!

Here we want to show you the last work of of production company Up & Coming. We recorded two videos in Brussels last month we would like to share with you all. Both show a proyect set up to help those hit by disasters all over the world: the EU Aid Volunteers, the new global humanitarian initiative of the European Commission.

This programme will give the opportunity for 4,000 people to volunteer worldwide in humanitarian operations till 2020. And the European Community Humanitarian Office (ECHO) is currently funding pilot projects!

You can see the short video of the programme here:

And you can view here the oppinions of some of the EU volunteers. We had the chance to interview them when they came back from their deployments, since the European Commission invited them to come to Brussels last month to share their experiences:

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Several NGOs have collaborated in the pilot phase of the EU Aid Volunteers since 2011, such as Save The Children, Croix-Rouge Française Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO), Fundación Española para la Cooperación – Solidaridad Internacional, France Volontaires, l’Association pour le Développement des Initiatives Citoyennes et Européennes (ADICE), Icco Netherlands, Save the Children UK and German Red Cross.




Brussels’ Open Kitchens: Are you a host, cook, performer or guest?

Are you looking for new spaces for story sharing around food and culture in Brussels? Then, Open Kitchen is “the place” to be.


Home has always been a place for gathering with friends and family. There is nothing new about it. However, Open Kitchen cultural project is changing the way we use the domestic spaces for cultural performances, relationship building and human interaction. Larger and more trusted online networks bring new advantages to homeowners: it is becoming easier to trust people and consume together in a collaborative way. You can now safely bring some open-minded people to your place and provide them new services: sing, learn, cook, share… there are no limits.


What happens, what do you hear see, hear or eat in those places? Food is homemade and traditional, proudly prepared by passionate non-professional cooks who want to share their special recipes and get better at something that matters to them.


There are often concerts, performances and exhibitions. More and more creative people are looking for places where they can perform, exchange knowledge and directly interact with potential audiences and people that want to “taste” their creations. Attractions in this new scene have a discovery effect, underground feeling and are great places for networking.


Open Kitchen started as an idea of our colaborator in Up & Coming Manuel Pueyo and has been doing such fun events since 2011. They combine food and performances. They have a very international crowd and they focus on the design of a truly authentic experience that happens every time in different places.



You can subscribe here to their newsletter and be on the loop of the next events to come. And here you can find a platform that lists all the artists that are open to perform at home.

So, what kind of person are you? A host, cook, performer or guest?