A new generation of entrepreneurs in Africa / Una nueva generación de emprendedores en África

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A new generation of entrepreneurs in Africa / Una nueva generación de emprendedores en África

Take a look at our latest project of Up & Coming filmed in (Botswana & Mozambique). We filmed this report for the Centre for the Development of Enterprise, who is supporting the private sector in Southern Africa.

Echa un vistazo a nuestro último proyecto en Botswana y Mozambique. Filmamos este reportaje para el Centro para el Desarrollo de la Empresa, que apoya al sector privado en África meridional.



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We interviewed entrepeneurs, like Terence  Mulwa, from 03 BEVERAGES, Frank Taylor, from Wild Fruits Of Africa, Lebang Kolagano, head Designer & co-founder of Lebang Setso, and Kealebuga Meralhe, Surpass Pty., among others.



And institutional representatives, among others: Daniel Aristi, from the EU Delegation to Botswana, Dorcas Makgato-Malesu, Minister of Trade and Industry of Botswana, Kgangmotse E. Kgangmotse, from the Ministry of Finance & Planning of Botswana, María Machailo-Ellis, from BOCCIM, and Anne De La Blache, Ambassador of France To Botswana & Special Representative to SADC.

Also, featured are the directors of several hotels in Mozambique, like Raúl Santos, of Vip Hotels, Miguel Afonso dos Santos, of Polana Serena Hotel, and Hiuane Abacar, INATUR General Director.





Caribeans and the Belgian Chocolate Factory

Up & Coming went abroad again! We filmed all over Belgium a very nice proyect you are gonna love! We were hired by the Centre for the Development of Enterprise (CDE) to filmed one of their sweetest projects.

The institution, which is a ACP (African, Caribbean and Pacific)/EU joint Institution created in the framework of the Cotonou Agreement, invited a group of chocolate industry professionals from Trinidad & Tobago, the Dominican Republic and Jamaica to improve their skills in Belgium. There they met with Bart Van Cauwenberghe, World Chocolate Ambassador, and owner of amazing chocolateire De Zwarte Vos.
Also, they visited one of the most popular shops in Brussels, Chocopolis.
You can see the video in French too here.