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Up & Coming en el programa “Comando Actualidad”

Niunpezporlaborda.org, protagonista de la última entrega del programa “Comando Actualidad” de TVE emitido el pasado 5 de febrero. Aquí os dejamos el vídeo de Angel Varela, portavoz de la campaña internacional y socio de la agencia Up & Coming:


El programa completo, La comida no se tira, lo podéis ver en este link.


Boat dinner party of Fish Fight Spain!

Spain is a country with a great fishing tradition, so Fish Fight campaign has always found many interest of people, journalists, celebrities and influencers that want to participate in our events and the fight we have been carrying on for now 1 year! Woow!

On Thursday 9th May 2013, we organized a Boat dinner party to celebrate our first anniversary in Spain. We wanted to let journalists, celebrities and influencers know that we have now, after one year of work, over 30.000 Spanish people on board and the fact that we still have to fight for our Ministers to hear our demands, and stop wasting good aliments and overexploiting our seas.

After receiving the fish that was captured by a local fisherman in Catalonia, Ramón Tarridas, the prestigious chef Joaquín Felipe made an incredible dinner for 20 guests.

We set up the small celebration at calle Barco (Boat Street) of Madrid, at the offices of Light Project.

Our favorite party element? The marine desserts!

We organized also a tonic stand thanks to ME Tonic brand and made a “marine” cake and gave away chocolate bonbons with the shape of fishes, thanks to La Bombonera de Barco!

Happy Sustainable Fishing!








See the video here:





En Up & Coming promovimos la aparición de la campaña “Ni un pez por la borda” en el programa “I talk” de Euronews a finales de marzo de 2013. Mario Picazo le preguntó a la comisaria de Pesca Maria Damanaki si creía que los ministros de Pesca de los Veintisiete, el Parlamento Europeo y la Comisión Europea llegarán a un acuerdo para que no se tire Niunpezporlaborda.org.


Podéis ver un vídeo corto de la pregunta en el programa aquí:

Y seguir apoyando la iniciativa con vuestra firma en www.niunpezporlaborda.org


El chef británico Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, el portavoz de la campaña internacional Fish Fight, ha comenzado una campaña  para aumentar las zonas marinas que deberían ser protegidas en su país. Muchos fans del medioambiente, caracterizados de forma muy divertida como podemos ver en la foto, marcharon el mes pasado al Parlamento de Londres, junto con diversas ONGs como Marine Conservation Society (MCS) y Sea Life y el club British Sub Aqua Club (BSAC).

Fish Fight protest outside the Houses of Parliament with Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

Buzos y langostas gigantes atravesaron el puente de Westminster, y entregaron 40.000 postales a favor de ampliar las zonas de protección marinas en el Reino Unido. Ahora se debate justo si el Gobierno les ecuchará.

Hoy nos ha contactado un redactor de The Guardian y ha publicado esta noticia en su edidión on-line.



Up & Coming organized the publication of an op-ed signed by Mario Picazo and 26.000 other Spaniards at the main daily of Spain, El País, print edition. For our client, Fish Fight, it was important to spread the message of the campaign at the key date when EU Ministers discussed the Commom Fisheries Policy at Brussels, Monday 25th February.

We would like you to read it if you wish in Spanish on the previous link, but we are going to take advantage of this post to introduce you the family of Fish Fight in Europe:

TV presenter Mario Picazo, the spokesperson of Fish Fight (Niunpezporlaborda.org).

Chef and TV journalist Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, the main fish fighter in the UK.

Beautiful actress and eco-activist Mélanie Laurent, in France:

And famous German chef Tim Mälzer:

Coming back to the article in El País, it was directed to Arias Cañete, the Spanish Fish Minister, here you can put a face to him as well:



Hooray, environmentalist’s supporters across Europe sent over 170,000 emails to MEPs in all 23 EU languages for the European Parliament action we organized for Fish Fight at Strasbourg. The 6th February became a great result for fish, fishermen, and for people power. There is a quite road to go, but we’ll explain what lies ahead at the end of this post!

Now it’s time for our pictures of the event we organized in cold Strasbourg were we attempted to persuade MEPs with our words, our facts, coffee and fish sandwiches!

And we grabbed our video camera and recorded the testimonials and key moments of this action.

You can watch it right here: SfZJXIu7aNg

All the MEPs who supported us also did a great action after winning the vote. Members of the Green party held banners showing fish saying ‘thank you‘ after MEPs voted to back fishing policy reform:

And we have lovely news were we appear from the BBC and The Guardian online editions! You can read them here and here.

The Parliament then voted for a more ambitious ban than that agreed by the Council of Ministers on the following 25th February, but that was expected. The Common Fisheries Policy is now moving into the final stages before it becomes law, and us and the rest of the Fish Fighters in Europe will be keeping up the pressure for an effective discard ban. More news to come at this blog!!!!


Fish Minister willing to defend in Europe the right that Spain has to fish to later discard them and thrown them wastefully into the sea (164K tons per year in Spain)

We contacted Ramón, famous cartoonist at Elpais.com,  for the Ministers’ negotiations in late February of the Common Fisheries Policy for our client Fish Fight. We did this, together with other media relations actions for this event, practicing what we like: real-time and always on communication.

It says, in English: “Fish Minister willing to defend in Europe the right that Spain has to fish to later discard and thrown wastefully into the sea (164K tons per year in Spain)”

And you can see it here published in Elpais.com.